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How to Volunteer

Fire Trucks lined up outside Sta. 90 for public tours

District Demographics

Polk County Fire District No.1 is recruiting for Volunteer Firefighters in your area to help provide emergency services to citizens. The Fire District provides emergency services to over 28,000 people to include the cities of Independence & Monmouth and the communities of Airlie, Buena Vista, Suver and Pedee. The Fire District relies primarily on volunteers willing to donate their time to help neighbors in a time of emergency.

Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter

Minimum requirements for Volunteer Firefighters include completing a Fire District application, passing the application process, attending about 100 hours of training and be in a physical condition to perform assigned Volunteer Firefighting tasks.

More Details

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Personnel shall be at least 18 years of age at time of entry, in good health, good physical condition and free of heart, lung or back disorders.

Volunteer Personnel should reside inside the Fire District and reside in the geographical area of their District station. Volunteer Personnel may live outside the District boundaries IF they work within the District and their employer notifies the District of their willingness to allow you to respond to emergency calls during working hours; 

Successfully complete the firefighter recruit academy (volunteer firefighter position).

Attend at least 75% of regularly scheduled training drills held in a calendar quarter.

Respond to emergency calls and participate in District events whenever possible.

Take the Next Steps!


Volunteer Brochure.pdfFillable Application September 2020.pdf

Deliver in person or mail both applications to:

Polk County Fire Dist. No.1
1800 Monmouth St. 
Independence, OR 97351