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2023 Polk Fire Awards Banquet

volunteer firefighters posing for group rank promotion photo
left to right- Lieutenants Brady Walters and Brian Burchfield, Engineer Travis Emerling, Lieutenant Adam Chinnock and Engineer Bo Camero. They were recognized and honored at the 2023 P1FFA Banquet for their efforts in 2022. 

On March 4th, 2023, Polk County Fire District No.1 personnel were recognized and honored for their efforts in 2022, at the Independence Elks Lodge. Polk 1 Fire Fighters Association President, Marie Hardwick, facilitated the event. The following individuals were recognized. 

Promotions to Engineer: Bo Camero and Travis Emerling

Promotions to Lieutenant: Brian Burchfield, Adam Chinnock and Brady Walters

5 Years of Service: FF Jose Chavez, Eng. Bo Camero, Eng. Travis Emerling, and Lt. Adam Chinnock

10 Years of Service: Physician Advisor Dr. Rebecca Lucas

15 Years of Service: Eng. James Mellein

25 Years of Service: Chaplain Bob McMillian, Lt. Ezra Hardwick and DC Neal Olson

30 Years of Service: Capt. Jason Johnson

Resident Volunteer of the Year - FF/Paramedic Rebekah Farrell

Rookie of the Year - FF Garrett Hardwick

Support Member of the Year - Chaplian Freddy Moran

Chiefs Award - DC Neal Olson

Instructor of the Year - Eng/Paramedic Austin Champ

Employee of the Year - Lukas Martin

Officer of the Year- Lukas Martin

Medic of the Year - FF/EMT Jeff Joles

Firefighter of the Year - Adam Chinnock