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Fire Prevention Division


Fire Triangle/Tetrahedron Information

The mission of the Polk County Fire District No. 1 Fire Prevention Division is to promote and create a fire safe community for the residents and visitors within the District’s boundaries by using effective fire code enforcement, active public education and community risk reduction programs; while providing outstanding service to the Districts external and internal customers.

Fire Prevention Division Goals

  • To provide a fire safe environment to our community by focusing on the quality of fire safety inspections conducted.
  • To promote safety conscious behaviors of our citizens by providing fire safety and community risk reduction programs and training.
  • To represent the District with only the highest level of integrity and professionalism at the local, state and national level.
  • To promote, and provide a high level of cooperation between the Fire Prevention Division and the representatives of the other governmental agencies we must work with.
  • To conduct thorough plan reviews in a timely manor and provide assistance to developers and contractors on issues relating to the completion of their projects.
  • To provide and disseminate pertinent information regarding buildings or situations to ensure the safety of our fire suppression staff while conducting emergency fire ground operations.
  • To always treat our internal and external customers, no matter the situation, with the dignity and respect they deserve and always provide outstanding customer service.



Burn Information Flyer 

PCFD No.1 Burn Information.pdf

Oregon Fire Code Application Guide

Fire Department and water supply information for your new business or home inside Polk County Fire Districts No.1 jurisdiction. 

PCFD No.1 Oregon Fire Code Application Guide.pdf

Polk County Fire Districts Map

Have a question on what  Fire Department jurisdiction you are in?  

Polk County District Map.pdf

Apartment Property and Residential Self-Inspection Checklists 

PCFD No.1 Property Manager Inspection Checklist.pdfPCFD No.1 Resident Space Self-Inspection Checklist.pdf

Requirements for Tent or Canopy Structure used for Cooking

Requirements for Tent or Canopy Structure used for Cooking.pdf