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About The District

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The men and women of Polk County Fire District No.1 would like to thank you for viewing the District’s web-page. The purpose of the web-page is to provide information about the District; its staff and members; and the services we provide. In addition, the web-page is also designed to serve as a source for the public to find injury and fire safety prevention information, on how to become a Volunteer or Resident Intern, employment opportunities, District calendar of events and important resource links. We hope you enjoy the information that is provided and will continue to utilize the District’s web-page for your future needs.


Polk County Fire District No.1 was originally named Southeast Polk Rural Fire Protection District, which was established in 1947, and included the communities of Airlie, Buena Vista and Suver. Then in 1985, the District annexed Fire Departments from the cities of Independence and Monmouth. As a result of this annexation, Southeast Polk Rural Fire Protection District was then renamed to Polk County Fire District No.1. In 1992, the fire district annexed Pedee Rural Fire Protection District.


Polk County Fire District No.1 is a combination Career and Volunteer Fire District comprised of four fire stations covering 185 square miles serving a population of approximately 28,000 people in Southeast Polk County and Western Marion County. Designated land uses are varied ranging from urban and suburban areas of Monmouth and Independence, to rural, farm and forestlands in surrounding unincorporated areas, along with a small area of western Marion County.  The cities of Monmouth (Pop. 11,583) and Independence (Pop. 10,170) form the heart of the District, with the communities of Buena Vista, Suver, Airlie, and Pedee forming the rural areas. Some of the major features of the District include Western Oregon University, Independence Airport, the Willamette River, small downtown areas, and city parks that host events. In recent years both cities experienced growth including multi-family, multi-story dwellings, new neighborhoods, a shopping center, and a 75 room hotel.

The Fire District is an Emergency Service delivery system providing Fire Suppression, Basic Prevention/Education, Fire Investigations/Inspections, Fire and EMS Training, and Advanced Life-Support Ambulance. During 2022, the District answered 3,611 calls for service including; 2,727 Medical/Rescue, 50 Fire, 2 Overpressure/Rupture, 55 Hazardous Condition, 359 Public Service, 334 Good Intent, and 84 False Alarms.


Polk County Fire District No.1 has four fire stations. Volunteers staff three of these stations completely. Station 40 is located in Buena Vista, Station 80 is in Airlie, Station 70 in Pedee, and Central Station 90 is in Independence. In addition to the fire suppression volunteers, the District also has support, special services, EMS only volunteers, and chaplains.

Station 90 is the only station in the District that is staffed 24/7 with three shifts. Each shift is comprised of a Captain/Paramedic, and three Firefighter/Paramedics on duty for 24 hours a day. Not only are there career personnel and volunteers at Station 90, but there are also Resident Volunteers who are students pursuing careers in Fire and EMS and are assigned rotating schedules when they are  not in class.

The District’s full-time staff consist of; Fire Chief, Deputy Chief of Operations and Training, Division Chief of EMS and Logistics, Division Chief Fire Marshal, Office Administrator and part-time Office Assistant. Our Volunteer Division Chief assists in oversight of the Volunteers.


Polk County Fire District No.1 is organized as a Special District under ORS 478. The District was formed as a result of the merging of Independence Fire Department, Monmouth Fire Department, Southeast Polk Rural Fire Protection District, and Pedee Community Volunteer Fire Department. The District is governed by an elected five-member Board. The District’s permanent tax rate is $1.5038 per $1,000 of Assessed Value, an Operating Levy of $0.19 cents, and a General Obligation Bond..