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EMS Division

The mission of the Polk County Fire District No.1 EMS Division is to provide professional and progressive emergency medical services to residents and visitors within our community.

EMS Division Goals

Picture of Polk County Fire District's ambulance
  • To provide our customers with consistent and progressive emergency medical care
  • To provide consistent and advanced training for all of Polk County Fire District No.1 EMS providers’
  • To continue to recruit and train EMS providers within our communities to assist with providing these services
  • To provide the EMS providers of Polk County Fire District No.1 with the most modern equipment and current protocols to ensure the highest level of emergency medical care to our customers
  • To maintain compliance with District, Local, State and Federal guidelines and recommendations
  • To offer public health education for our community members
  • To participate in Local, State and Federal EMS committees to promote change in the EMS field


Polk County Fire District No. 1 is a combination career/volunteer Fire District consisting of the Central Station in Independence and 3 rural stations located in the communities of Airlie, Buena Vista and Pedee. 
The District’s ASA (Ambulance Service Area) covers approximately 206 square miles, serving a population of over 28,000 people in southeast Polk County and western Marion County. The cities of Monmouth (Pop. 11,583) and Independence (Pop. 10,170), along with the transient population of Western Oregon University students, create the heart of the District, along with the communities of Buena Vista, Suver, Airlie and Pedee forming the rural areas. 
We equip three (3) ALS ambulances and an ALS Engine and operate with eleven (12) career Firefighter/Paramedics, (1) career Firefighter/EMT, and (3) Resident Volunteers. 
In 2022 Polk County Fire District No. 1 responded to 3,611 calls for medical aid.