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Internal Application for Seasonal Employment

PCFD has received a Grant from the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office to increase our local capacity for response from June 15th through October 31st. In order to do this, the District will be hiring seasonal employees to work on regular schedules. The goal of the Grant is to very quickly move people into regular response roles and for that reason it is expected that little training is needed. We are restricting the Grant to current volunteers with an option to expand it to recent volunteers or former employees if necessary.

The District's goal is to staff during high call volume times. This will likely be 10-12 hours per day depending on availability of the potential workforce. Our goal is to start the peak staffing on July 1 and continue it until the money is exhausted. The seasonal employment could conclude early as September 31st or as late as the end of October depending on the number of hours individuals work. Our plan is to continue increased staffing until the funds to do so are exhausted.


How many volunteers will be hired for these positions?

  • We would like to keep it to a relatively small number, perhaps two or three at any given time. The individuals may remain constant throughout the entire period, or may alternate out with others at a certain point. This will be determined by administration once we have received the form below from those interested in the positions.

Do I need to commit to the entire period of the Grant?

  • No. As you will see below, we understand that some individuals may have some months available and may have weeks within those months that they already plan on being away.

What will the schedule look like?

  • The process for staffing during the coming season will be partially based on the availability of our candidate pool. Examples of schedules may include two employees working a 2/2/3 schedule for 12 hour shifts, three employees working 12 hour shifts on the regular shift rotation, or several employees working 10 hour days on predetermined days of the week. The logistics of establishing this will be particularly challenging and will require several conversations between administration and candidates.

What certifications are required?

  • The State requires that individuals hold Firefighter 1 or Firefighter 2 certifications and are able to serve as interior structural firefighters with us. As you will note below, there are certain certifications that may not be required by the District but may be preferred in order to better serve our community.

What tasks will be required for these individuals?

  • The purpose of this Grant is to increase local responders. The primary duty will be to respond to local emergency calls. They will do so in accordance with their certification level (an EMT-B has a Duty to Act as an EMT-B). They will assist the regularly scheduled shift personnel with other daily tasks in addition to response.

Will the District reduce the number of regular shift staff on days and times seasonal employees are working?

  • No. The District will continue to fill all permanent positions throughout the Grant period. This staff will be in addition to regular staffing.

What is the pay and benefits?

  • The District will pay $20 per hour. Overtime is possible in accordance with the FLSA. It is a PERS position for those who qualify. Seasonal employment is not eligible for health insurance through the District. There is no vacation time accrued.

Do I have to deploy on conflagrations during this period?

  • No. there is no requirement that individuals hired under this Grant mobilize. It is also not prohibited. 

Can I continue to volunteer while working under this Grant?

  • No. Individuals who work in this position must temporarily resign as volunteers with the District.

What is the next step if I'm interested in one of these positions?

  • Fill out the form below by Monday, June 13th.
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